Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Just a quick post before I delete most of the pictures from my camera. The storage is full and I need to "clean house" before I can take any more pictures. Spring cleaning has arrived, starting with my camera! (BTW, THE ROBINS HAVE RETURNED! A SURE SIGN OF SPRING, AT LAST!) This dress form was a commissioned piece. I took it to Kane for the customer but it turned out that it had to be picked up at the Greyslake Show. Not a problem as I acquired two more commissions which I need to start working on. The body of the form was a wicker bust which I covered with paper mache and embellished with white burlap. The "skirt" is an old,tall tomato cage.

Sold lots of fabric mushrooms.

Skirted stool sold.

This is a primitive wood box to which I added lengths of wire to make a fun place to store books. Note the box was a favorite place for my fabric spiders!

If you squint really hard, you can see the last two of the paper feathers that were recently featured on a blog tutorial. Sorry all, I really need to work on the quality of my photos. I promise to do that soon. (See Janice! I hear ya!)


janice said...

Love that stool!! Your booth looked great as always. Janice

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Those all look wonderful!!
Your dress form is awesome ~
I love the skirt :)


June said...

Judy I would love to shop one of your booths someday. I just love how you put things together. I LOVE the wooden boxes with the wire. How cool! I really love the dress form with the paper mache. Lots of work, I am sure, but what a turn out.
sendig hugs

Lululiz said...

I've got a thing for your fabric mushrooms, they are just fabulous, so I am not surprised you sold loads of them.

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

OMG! What beautiful things. I love the mannequin, it's great.


Pilgrim at Kerjacob said...

Hello to you.
Tank you for your message.
I love the paper human form - did you make it.
I shall look forward to reading more of you.


Funkymonkey said...

Hi Judy, thanks for your lovely comments. Not all of the West Midlands is picturesque I'm afraid, in fact alot of it is very industrial.The village is Belbroughton in Worcestershire and it is very pretty. I wouldn't mind living there if I ever won the lottery. Unfortunately, there are no tea rooms there. But there are at least two very decent pubs where you can eat and drink. I've just googled Belbroughton and there are quite a few hits if you want to investigate further.


Anne Marie said...

great minds think alike! I've been mixed media art"ing" with drawers for this sale too!! they are so perfect to work with aren't they? & yours look great - so similar to mine it's scary!