Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?" you asked......

It's more about what I've been doing............. Mary and I celebrated our first year anniversary of forming a business partnership at the shop located at Cedar & 2ND Ave in St. Charles, Il. We had a sale going all day long and served refreshments. Mary was the chef, cooking sish-ka-bobs on a tiny little grill. (Look at that smile! I think she enjoyed herself!) This was Mary's invite to one and all! An effective promise of good things inside.

And on the inside.........A new jewelry idea! Tiny buttons representing a bouquet in a "vase" thimble. The miniature mannequin was found in Kentucky.

Leather chokers with vintage and orphaned jewelry adornments.

Another leather coin purse necklace. ( I cannot keep these in stock!) This one has a cowboy theme.

Madelaine the mannequin, covered in coffee dyed fabric pins. (Thanks, Mindy Sue!)

An old, rusty, flue damper with an old clock face. Battery operated and keeps excellent time!

French garden tote.

Altered hankie drawers.

Embellished old books.

Screen printed old suitcase.

Embellished baskets. Check out the old, rusty rake head fitted with a vintage floor lamp handle! (see also vertical yardstick blinds)

Ripped muslin and lace hanging lamp. (I have plans for this but it MUST be a big secret for now!)

If ya can't beat em, let them be crooked!

A face lift for an old bar stool. A good place to park your bum!

Our ever changing chalkboard wall behind our check out counter.

Mary's popular message bottles and hand lettered lamp shade.

I really would LOVE to hand deliver this valise!

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Those are the words that are heard on Saturday mornings when vendors line up to be part of the monthly Kane Co. flea market in St. Charles, Il. One sees all manner of vehicles lined up and ready to go! This vendor, however, caused quite a stir yesterday, when he arrived. He knew exactly how he wanted his booth to look and what it would take to achieve that effect. Not being able to make two trips with his wares, he, quite literally, went over the top! This is Mark, an upcoming and amazing designer who is also a friend. Sadly, I was not able to see the finished result as I had to set up my own space. However, I am sure that he will be posting his own photos on his blog, Room 363.blogspot.com.

DO YOU BELIEVE THIS!!!!!!! He confessed that when he ran out of rope, he "borrowed" some gros grain ribbon to tie up this package! It was hilarious! One can only speculate as to the reaction of other drivers who were on the road at that time of the morning! ( Kind of reminds me of "Sanford & Son", only these wares were better.)

And this is Denise's idea of 'line em up" at the end of a hard day of selling at Kane! A group of us sometimes get together and have dinner on that Sat. evening. We "de-stress" and enjoy the lively banter that takes place. (We missed you Mindy!) AND YES, THESE REALLY WERE ALL DENISE'S!