Tuesday, December 27, 2011

   I'm a little late with this due to circumstances beyond my control, so from my house to yours, best wishes for the coming New Year.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I'M STILL HERE.........

............Frantic like the rest of you, trying to get everything finished up for our holidays.  Poor hubby is in the hospital recovering from major surgery with pneumonia as a complication.  After more than a week, it looks like he is finally on the mend, it will just be slow going for him for awhile.

  While running out of money for little luxuries for my new, old house, i decided to use what was on hand for the mudroom window.  Sometimes it;s true that the best things in life are free!  I love my "twig curtain".  The beautiful fern was a freebie from my friend Janice 2 years ago.  It was on her patio for the summer and come fall it was either me or the trash.  To show it's appreciation for the rescue, it just keeps on growin'

  The simple twig wreath is from a roadside harvest of larch branches from some very ancient, humongous trees. All that cost me was a few scratches and a stubbed toe! HA!

  I'm signing off now as I must get back to work!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Last week-end was the last Kane flea market until March.  In a way I feel sad about that because many of my fellow vendors and customers have become very dear to me and I will miss the fun and camaraderie of our week-ends together.  Through the years, something has happened that I did not expect to happen!  I feel deep affection for many of these people and look forward to being around them.  In a way we compete when we are vendors who sell next to each other or are in the same building and at times we might even step on each others toes, But it's not in a mean way and not intentional.  For the most part we respect and look out for each other. I love that this has evolved in this way, so to this I have to say....."I love you guys and in your individual ways, you have contributed much to my life's experience.  Thank you!"

Thursday, December 8, 2011

I'M TRYING SO NOW...............

.........................All of you good people who have been complaining about how little I have posted on my blog the past few years, can now do their part and leave some feedback!  OK ???????????? KNOW WHAT I MEAN, HMM?????????????  HUMOR ME TILL I GET BACK IN THE GROOVE, YA KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????

BTW,  I have tried to leave comments on blogs, but blogger completely ignores me! GRRRRR! I feel like I'm being phased out.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


This is shelf #2 in what I like to call my British "loo".  The ancient brackets holding up the drawer front shelf were found on top of a over flowing dumpster in the town of Burfurd in the Cotswold's of England. A 300 year old cottage was being gutted and the contents thrown away!  I would have loved to see what was inside the dumpster, but told myself to just be content with these priceless treasures.

Monday, November 28, 2011

British bath # 1

My new old house is starting to shape up.  Shown is one of the shelves over the tub. I love the way the bathroom has turned out.  Perhaps it was a good thing that this room had to be gutted as I was able to start with a clean canvas and create a very British loo! 

Friday, November 18, 2011

Sunday, November 6, 2011


From this.....................
To this.  Simple and cheap way to improve ugly counter tops.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Mary and I have just started placing furniture and fine tuning the look that we choose for this house.  There are so many fun and unusual touches that we have come up with.  These pictures are mearly the tip of the iceberg.  We have many weeks of "fluffing " to do.  We hope to have our open house the beginning of Dec. Stay tuned!                      Photos: Mary Pierce

Tuesday, July 26, 2011



Monday, July 25, 2011


Janice K. and Mark surprised me on Sat. morning to lend a helping hand.  Janice lined the drawers and cupboards that Mary had cleaned the day before.  Mark finished removing old wall paper in master bedroom.  Don't I have the best friends in the world?
 Sorry bloggers,  I have not figured out this new blogger format, so everything is going to be back words for this post. This was supposed to be the last picture to show what was underneath several layers of old wallpaper in the master bedroom.  IS THIS COOL OR WHAT?!!!!  This was what is left of a 1920s coat of paint over the plaster wall.  Love it!
   In some areas, the first layer of wallpaper wanted to stay put, so I will let it stay where it wants to be.  After some fine tuning and a little sanding, I will put a clear coat of sealer on the walls and will enjoy this unique look.
 This little hole is what started the whole thing.  I saw a little glimpse of blue and just had to see what it was.  And a few minutes later.................
 The next photo is of Mary P. peeling layers of paint off a plaster wall in the kitchen. We are also thinking about making that be an accent wall.
I will be taking many more pictures in the coming days.  There is a lot going on.
Mark K.  working on master bedroon wall

Friday, July 22, 2011


Last April, Mary and I went house hunting, more out of curiosity than anything else.  The houses we requested to see were all vacant and repossed.  All needed lots of TLC, and some lots more than others!  This particular house seemed to smile at me when I entered the door.  When I looked beyond the grime and the areas of neglect, what I saw was a home, a cheery home with a great layout and good bones.  I kind of get this feeling when I visit animal shelters. The animals, through no fault of their own looking unkempt and desperate, but displaying good bones and lots of potential for those ready for commitment,  loads of elbow grease, and of course love. Lots of love!
  I tried real hard to put this feeling aside, but after a few days of talking to myself and saying "DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!", I called the realtor with an offer that was really ridiculous, thinking that after being rejected, I could just put this little temptation aside and carry on!  I'm sure by now you can guess what happened.  The next day I received a call that said "congratulations!  You are the winner!  Despite the fact that the process moved at a snails pace,  I am glad that this old house is now mine. Cause I have plans! And those plans include others!  (more on that later)
Through all of this, my friends have cheered me on and encouraged me to be patient. And Mary has already rolled up her sleeves in a huge way and delved right in!  Man can that girl get things done!  Despite being in a house that has been closed up for 6 months, 100 degree heat and no air, she is a marvel.
  So through this whole process, I will be showing before, during, and after pics. I am so fortunate to have the best of help and the greatest talent in the design and idea business that one girl could have.  And surprising things have already happened, so stay tuned.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?" you asked......

It's more about what I've been doing............. Mary and I celebrated our first year anniversary of forming a business partnership at the shop located at Cedar & 2ND Ave in St. Charles, Il. We had a sale going all day long and served refreshments. Mary was the chef, cooking sish-ka-bobs on a tiny little grill. (Look at that smile! I think she enjoyed herself!) This was Mary's invite to one and all! An effective promise of good things inside.

And on the inside.........A new jewelry idea! Tiny buttons representing a bouquet in a "vase" thimble. The miniature mannequin was found in Kentucky.

Leather chokers with vintage and orphaned jewelry adornments.

Another leather coin purse necklace. ( I cannot keep these in stock!) This one has a cowboy theme.

Madelaine the mannequin, covered in coffee dyed fabric pins. (Thanks, Mindy Sue!)

An old, rusty, flue damper with an old clock face. Battery operated and keeps excellent time!

French garden tote.

Altered hankie drawers.

Embellished old books.

Screen printed old suitcase.

Embellished baskets. Check out the old, rusty rake head fitted with a vintage floor lamp handle! (see also vertical yardstick blinds)

Ripped muslin and lace hanging lamp. (I have plans for this but it MUST be a big secret for now!)

If ya can't beat em, let them be crooked!

A face lift for an old bar stool. A good place to park your bum!

Our ever changing chalkboard wall behind our check out counter.

Mary's popular message bottles and hand lettered lamp shade.

I really would LOVE to hand deliver this valise!