Saturday, March 31, 2012


YEP, new shop,  new place, new name!  Mary P. and I are forming a partnership and opening a shop at 10 Douglas Ave., in a wonderful, old building in the newly renovated downtown area of Elgin, Il. (the store front with the purple, striped awning.) The shop will be called "soulful sparrow", named after the old home that Mary and I renovated last year.  We are very excited about being in on the ground floor of this artsy, downtown area.
Our shop in Century Corners will have it's doors open for the last time on Memorial Day, 2012. We plan on the "soulful sparrow"being open on or about July 4th.  So for the month of June, we will be very busy setting up shop and traveling to England for 2 weeks on a holiday/shopping trip.  We also have a website, etsy site and blog site under construction.
Updates and pictures will follow as they occur.


Anne said...

How exciting.But I have not made it to your other shop yet.But this new shop will be a little closer for me.I hope I can get to your other shop before it closes.If not I look forward to see you at your new location.I am trying to figure out where this is.I have not been to downtown Elgin.

The Gilded JunqueYard said...

Congrats!!!! Judy!
Can't wait to visit--relatively close to me. I know your store will become HIGHLY addicting!!

June said...

I'm so happy for you! I love the name for your shop. So charming. Good luck my dear!

Anita said...

Hey- fun news! Missed you this weekend- I felt punished, having to stay and home and go to class instead of coming to the FLEA. Next month, I'm there on Sunday ( PROM is Saturday!)

ChiPPy-SHaBBy said...

Great News Judy!*!*!
YOU just never stop creating!*!*! Can't wait to SEE what you dream up... I'll definitely make it a point to visit when you open...
Jeanine Burkhardt

Anonymous said...

Best of luck to you gals!!!!
If the new place is anything like the ole will be FAbUlOUs!!!
Julie Norkus