Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Hello fellow bloggers.  It has been a rough winter for me.  Hubby has still not been able to return home after having major surgery on Dec. 12th, 2011.  After being in the hospital for 6 weeks, he has at least been upgraded (?) to a recovery center where is receiving therapy so that he can regain some strength.  I just have not felt that I have been able to focus on much else and have not had the energy to blog.  I really have not been accomplishing much of anything except what has been necessary.  I miss my normal routine.

To lift my spirits, I have been doing a lot of surfing on Pinterest.  It's a rather mindless pleasure and takes my mind off of what I feel is an unreal situation.  I love all the creative minds out there.

Wish you all the best and look forward to more normal times.  xoxo


Anne said...

Sorry to hear your husband is having such a rough recovery.Thinking of you and praying for you both.

Unknown said...

keeping you all in my prayers!

Rebecca said...

Oh Judy, I am sorry to hear this. I hope things are turning around for your husband. I will keep you in my prayers

lisa said...

Hey Judy--
Hope your man will soon be on the mend--it's so hard to feel good and normal when your other half is out of sorts.
Kane is just around the bend; perhaps that will get you back in the groove.
Love your new look on the blog, btw; the feel is hip and groovy!
See you soon.
Best, Lisa (the Frenchman's wife).

Nancee said...

believe me I understand. My husband needs more and more care every day and my son 43 y/o who lives in my log cabin had open heart surgery, so in many ways I'm back wher I started nurse nancee

Unknown said...

I just started following your blog. Best of luck to you and your husband's speedy recovery.


Anonymous said...

Prayers go out to you and your husband!!
Julie Norkus

Anita said...

Well, crap. I am up to mye ars teaching, in grad school and being Momma so I will be out of Kane for a few months. Judy is going to keep coming. I'm hoping to be back into things by summer. In the meantime, do NOT try to open my garage door! What a mess of stuff piled in there. My daughter and I are shopping Randolph Street in March on our way to South Bend for accepted students day... Hugs to you.