Wednesday, July 28, 2010

MORE FEED DOG TALES (no pun intended)

I still have not had my sewing machine's feed dog repaired! I simply can't be without it right now! So, how did you sew these pillows together, one might ask? Well, since I am now in charge of which way the needle goes, how fast and how many stitches per inch, it can still be done. It's not as easy, but still possible. I am truly having fun with these and will have more to show at a later date. For now, I am pulling things together for the Kane Co. Flea this week end and am also trying to create things for the Junk Bonanza Show in Sept. This summer is not only flying by, it has also been super busy!


Twiglet said...

I think it must be bird week this week!! Love the free machined variety!

sassytrash said...

I really LOVE your pillows!!!!! I hope my feed dog breaks now so I can experiment!

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Sweet Pillows! I hope you have a sell-out!


Crowing Moon said...

they are very creative...well done said...

You might be one to something new sister. Feeddogless sewing. Great!

I've been trying to visit my followers the last couple weeks. I sure would like to have been with you to England. And, you grand babies are so darling. All that dark hair. Mine are all blond. My hair is dark and I want a dark haired grandbaby.

I'll be back.
come visit
Big Hugs

True North Interior Design & Antiques said...

the pillows are fantastic!

June said...

Judy I already know there is nothing you can't do!!! These are the sweetest pillows. I love how you come up with an idea and then go for it.
How in the world did I miss your Garden Grunge post. I thought I would pass out from the hyperventilating. You definitely know what I love.
hugs to you from here

Craftomania Tools said...

how lovely! looks amazing :)