Thursday, July 1, 2010


As if life isn't hectic enough, (daughter had her second baby, Abby, the day after I returned from England, (jet lagged Nana gleefully spent 2 days with active 2 year old.) but more on that later.) I'm getting ready to do the Kane flea market this week-end and needed my sewing machine. Just for straight stitching, nothing fancy, and my feed-dog decides to break! Well, not wanting to be totally defeated and wanting to try free motion stitching anyway, I grabbed some linen napkins from my stash and thought, why not! Here's the result. four linen birdie napkins. I like them and they are fun to do. So, until I get my machine into the repair shop, free-motion stitching it will be!


Kathy said...

WOW! These turned out amazing! I love the way the freeform stitching looks on these little guys. What a great albeit accidental idea.


Crowing Moon said...

They look fabulous :D

Annie said...

You like them? I love them. Isn't it funny that something so lovely can come out of a bad situation. Well done you.
A x

Bunty said...

These are so cute and don't look like they have been stitched with a broken feed dog!

Can I just ask please, if you want to try free motion stitching, I know you put the feed dogs down but is anything else necessary, such as altering the tension? I tried to do this recently and the needle wouldn't sew at all - just bunched everything tight underneath. I gave up in the end!

Lovely work!


Twiglet said...

Love the free machining - you have made it look so simple!! - er and Bunty and I know its not!!! lol

Anita said...

First off, CONGRATULATIONS NANA! Second, welcome home! Third, these are AWESOME.

June said...

Judy I love, love love them!!! So awesome! Congrats on the new baby girl. I'm sure you will be enjoying this new one a lot.

Rebecca said...

Hi Jude
These really turned out amazing! I love them.
It was good to visit with you some at Kane, nothing like a little laughter to brighten the day!

oldgreymare said...

Very sweet baby girl, congrats to the entire family.

These birds look just wonderful! I have never attempted free motion, but these make me want to try.