Friday, May 7, 2010


LAST WEEK-END WAS KANE AND IT WAS SUPER FANTABULOUS!!!!! It just keeps on getting better and better! All of my dealer friends were there and some dealers that I've know for a long time but had lost touch with. One of those dealers that was new to Kane this month was JO MARIE. SHE HAD GREAT STUFF AND WAS BLOWN AWAY BY HER SALES. JOE USED TO SELL OUT OF AN OLD BARN AND A LOT OF HER CUSTOMERS FOUND HER AGAIN AT KANE AND WERE OVER JOYED AND SHOWED IT! My sales were like wise amazing and I also get to visit with customers, some new and some that I've known for a long time, and let me tell you, they are all dear people!.....................I bought this great old tin picnic basket from DIANE P. She said when she bought it she thought of me. it is the greatest piece and, for now a keeper! Someone, years ago, embellished this beauty with crochet thin rope. THANK YOU, DIANE.

Shown here is a beautiful bevy of tiny bottles that once contained essential oils. Mostly rose and florals, and they still retain the most wonderful, faint fragrance that makes you feel happy! These were from my friend, JANICE K. She also was delighted with the response that she received at Kane. Way to go, JANICE, you sweet girl! These will probably be made into necklaces somewhere down the road.

And last, but not least, is this wonderful vintage lace that was gifted to me by the sweet Lynn B. Since she makes such fantastic pillows and adornments, her gift was so generous, because she uses lace like this in her designs! You have to see her talent @ Thank you Lynn! It was so nice to visit with you


Anita said...

I will miss you this weekend- it has been too long and lots has happened- some good, some bad....I'll have to fill you in. Anyways, Happy Mother's Day to you as well. Are you going to Elkhonr or do you have something else lined up?

June said...

I am so glad to hear that the sale was such a success. I am always interested to know how they are going in this economy. I know I am living a little leaner these days, but still make sure I have money for my 'stuff'. So this is really good news. I have been so worried that dealers would dwindle if not enough people showed up at the sales. So this is wonderful news.
Your little tin box is perfect and those bottles...oh, those bottles...sigh...
big hug!

Dar said...

With your imagination, I am not at all surprised that your sale was successful. I love the lace. What will you do with it...hmmmm. I also was captivated by the picnic basket. What a gem. I can smell the essentials. They will make adorable necklaces, perhaps with some of the lovely lace.
Happy Mothers Day Weekend

Rebecca said...

Hi Jude
Hey there... so glad you had a good Kane! I went really late on Sunday. Didn't find to much
Love that little lunch basket - so cool!
Hope you have a great week.
Hope your mothers day was good!

oldgreymare said...

I've never seen a tin basket with a cover like that before! That is such a wonderful find. I think it should stay a keeper. :}

So glad to hear your sales are doing so well. I believe we're turning the corner on all this hard stuff- we have to hang on a wee bit longer.

Your belt buckle wind chime is inspired - too cute. Good for you!

Thank you for all your visits and comments to me, you are always so kind.