Monday, July 25, 2011

 Sorry bloggers,  I have not figured out this new blogger format, so everything is going to be back words for this post. This was supposed to be the last picture to show what was underneath several layers of old wallpaper in the master bedroom.  IS THIS COOL OR WHAT?!!!!  This was what is left of a 1920s coat of paint over the plaster wall.  Love it!
   In some areas, the first layer of wallpaper wanted to stay put, so I will let it stay where it wants to be.  After some fine tuning and a little sanding, I will put a clear coat of sealer on the walls and will enjoy this unique look.
 This little hole is what started the whole thing.  I saw a little glimpse of blue and just had to see what it was.  And a few minutes later.................
 The next photo is of Mary P. peeling layers of paint off a plaster wall in the kitchen. We are also thinking about making that be an accent wall.
I will be taking many more pictures in the coming days.  There is a lot going on.

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