Monday, August 31, 2009


Periodically, I think it's fun to look through my boxes of junk. This morning I did that and picked out some items to make into necklaces. I've been selling a lot of jewelry lately, so it is about time to start making more. These are what I can up with. Maybe I'm on a roll! Hope so!

I didn't remember that I had this really cool, vintage bat button till I saw it this morning. It's the perfect season for it!




Diana Cohen said...

I LOVE that change purse necklace, it's wonderful!

June said...

Judy your jewelry is always so creative. These are great and I love the bat necklace. Just right for Halloween. The detail on the little purse necklace is wonderful. I think your mind must be creating all the time. Your ideas and art boggle my mind.
Thank you for your sweet words to me on my last post. How great it is to have such friends! I feel that I could meet you in person and that we would be best 'buds' from the moment we met.
Hugs to you my friend,

dulcy said...

Love your jewelry! I have that same little coin purse that belonged to my grandmother when she was a little girl. What a creative way to reuse it!

Rebecca said...

Hi Jude
Love your jewelry, I especially like the coin purse necklace. You are so creative and always get so much more done than anyone, you don't mess around... you decide on a project and presto you have 3 done! Me... putsy putsy putsy
Thanks for your prayers this week

Rebecca said...

PS Isn't it funny the only time we talk now is on the blog...
Let's get together and have an art night or something fun.

Rita said...

Buongiorno Judy,
check out my 100th post!

C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Oooh I love them all! Yes, you are definitely on a roll!... Bisous... Julie Marie

Joan@anthinggoeshere said...

So cute and what fun. More of your talents shown to us all. Love them!

Rebecca said...

You crack me up...
I am at the shop 6 days a week and on Mondays - my day off I watch Jess, so you are the lady that gets 5 count them 55555 days in a row off - maybe you could come to the shop and we could have a day of art in my studio at the shop!!!
Does that sound good to you?
Luke has his surgery tomorrow so we will be up early and down at Childrens - the shop is closed until noon, then I am coming home and heading over to Kerri's to feed the kids.
Full day
Call me and we can figure something out :)

Rebecca said...

Ha! Just pulling your chain... I am just jealous that's all.
Just got back from the hospital-it took 21/2 hours to drive to Childrens this morning. So I was late and didn't get to kiss him before he went in and then had to leave before I could see him. But everything went well.
Maybe we can get together and make Christmas stuff???
Thanks Jude ttyl

Tracey said...

That necklace with the bag is awesome! Glad to hear you are selling a lot of jewelry, and I can see's all wonderful!

:) T

sassytrash said...

Just found your blog....what a very talented lady you are!! I love everything you do!!

Elizabeth said...

I love the little change purse necklace I am sorry it is sold. I make jewelry also, so I appreciate others designs. You are really tallented. I justfound your site.

Rita said...

Hi Judy,
I will be making the signs for the Giveaway! You won, could I please have your address? Ciao Rita

Cindy-Stitches-N-Stuff said...

Love that purse necklace. your very creative.

come for a visit